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work tables

There are 17 products.

At JAS Kibæk A/S, we manufacture work tables, adapted to the purpose that need to be solved. In this category are a small sample of it, which we call standardborde. We negotiate both fixed and workbenches on wheels as well as raise/lower the table.

Customization options for our workbenches
Several of the tables have a tilt function and there are several customization options in terms of choosing the size, color, load, with/without wheels, suction as well as the tilt and swivel feature. There is also the option of building at the rear with shelves, light, swinging arms, roller knife, holding to the cardboard and bobfolie, drawers, and more. The tables are manufactured in high quality and are thus also very robust.

Contact us to get a quote on just the work or a workshop table,
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